AMAZON SUNSET (Keppel 2024) M 37” (Restless Spirit X Mood Ring) #15-73C.


It was the art gallery painting in Portland’s Pearl District that started it all. The colors! Oh, how I coveted it despite the price tag. Only when I admitted to myself that there was not a wall in the house worthy of hanging this painting could I walk away, but I couldn’t forget it.


The iris Amazon Sunset is a reverse bicolor, the standards with smoky tan edging that blends quickly into dusky violet toward the nightshade purple base. Ruffled falls of blended amber yellow are lightly blended with rosy tan that deepens on the shirred honey-toned shoulders. There is a paler amber white mist below each blazing bright solid bittersweet orange beard. The colors! .About seven good-sized flowers per stem. $60.00


** Introduction Special:  Any three for $150.00 – Mix or Match**