CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (Keppel 2022) EML 40” (((Oreo x Hello Darkness) x Tunnel Vision) X Mixed Signals) #13-06B

Plicata with a distinctive form. Petals are tightly clasped at the base, resulting in falls widely overlapping and flared. Blue white standards completely suffused with pale blue dotting; white falls with concord blue haft netting and midline, a dotted 1” border heavier toward the edge becoming near-solid at distal end. But the whole flower is a series of covert actions. Old gold beards hide slate purple roots. Look closely and you’ll see a small, very faint tan overlay on the standard edges. And if you pull the standards apart (they want to stay completely shuttered) you’ll find that the style crests are pineapple and light lavender. Well-branched stalks with three branches that sometime sneak in an additional spur and re-branching, totalling up to ten buds. Talk about floral intrigue…. $25.00