DARK UNIVERSE  (Keppel 2019)  E  35” (((Fancy Dress x New Leaf) x Moonlit Water) X (High Master x (((Handshake x (Cross Current x ((Snowbrook x Blackout) x (Snowbrook sib x (Rain Flurry sib x Charmed Life))))) x (Spirit World x Answered Prayers)) x (Spirit World x (Fancy Woman x ((Goddess x 77-137F: (Mistress sib x ((Joy Ride x Roundup) x (April Melody x (((Irma Melrose x Tea Apron) x ((Full Circle x Rococo) x Tea Apron)) x April Melody)))) x (Goddess x 77-137F)))))) #05-69C.


Near-solid variation on the luminata theme. Velvety dark grape purple falls, with slightly paler veining beginning to show as the flower ages but never becoming obvious. All petals, including slightly lighter standards, have a narrow greyed blue-white rim. Pure white heart showcases the yellow beards for a bright flash in the darkness. Ruffled, of course, with about seven buds per stalk. HM 2021. AM 2023 $15.00