FAMILY CREST (Keppel 2019) SPEC-X, E  30″  ((Smash x I. albertii) X unknown) 12-120A
Not a mainstream choice, tho it might appeal to those liking smaller, less ruffled flowers than those carried by modern tall beardeds. Its main reason for being is breeding potential. The species Iris albertii has been utilized to a very limited degree. A search of the official iris registrations reveals only one prior registered I. albertii derivative: a Russian intermediate. So what could I. albertii contribute in future generations of breeding? Unfortunately I won’t have time for many additional generations, but perhaps other breeders are curious to see! I. albertii is diploid; the first generation seedling was smallish, made very limited, very small seed that didn’t germinate, but a chance pod gave bigger seeds….and germination. This open pollination was probably by a tall bearded, judging by the stalk height, increased size and width of the flower. The important thing is: Family Crest is fertile!
Absinthe yellow standards carry a lavender cast. Falls are veronica violet in the center, blending outward to greenish tan. In I. albertii the upper fall is heavily striated with purple; here it is overlaid wine purple, with a cream white throat veined greenish tan, plus chrome to mustard yellow beards. Gently ruffled, lightly flared form. $10.00