INKBLOT   (Keppel 2018) ML 37” TB (Silk Road X Foreign Agent) #09-51A.

We think Rorschach would’ve approved, for the markings on this floral inkblot test could be interpreted any number of ways. Standards and style arms are a simple enough reed yellow, but oh, the falls! There is a concord purple area flowing down from the tip of the beards, widening and lightening in what I see as a “waterfall” pattern. It carries a thin pale foxglove violet central line, and stops short of the blended olivesheen edge with faint slate purple flush. There is a large, conspicuous pyrethrum yellow blotch to either side of the beards. Even the beard is complex, going from a mixture of tan yellow and lavender blue at the end to yellow ochre in the heart. Branching and bud count are good, but our one regret is that flowers are only moderate in size, making it more for close-up contemplation than landscape effect. HM 2021   SOLD OUT