KARAKUL (Keppel 2023) ML 34” Sdlg, 15-37F. (Black Lipstick X (Wild Wings x (Night Game x ((Tomorrow’s Child x (Show Biz x Villain)) x Gallant Rogue))))

If you’re old enough, you may recall the fashionable coats made from curly black karakul wool. Nowadays you ‘re more likely to spot the wool in hats worn by men in middle eastern countries. Karakul is an Iranian breed of sheep, and the best, curliest wool is – PETA forbid! – from newborn (or unborn) lambs. Plentiful blooms of moderate size are blackish violet, with slightly deeper falls carrying a blackish, velvety sheen and dark blue violet beards tipped blue at the end. Disclaimer: no animals were hurt in the production of this iris. Well, except possibly an occasional mole or two.  $40.00