NEVERTHELESS (Keppel 2021) EML 40” (Arrivederci X Volcanic Glow sib) #11-59J


Bit of a puzzle, as although it is only half luminata by parentage, it looks much like one. Incurved ruffled standards are pinkish mauve, blending and paling to creamy peach toward the edge. Deeper semi-flared falls pinkish orchid, with faint paler veining and wire edge. Surrounding the orange to fire red beards is a peach cream area devoid of anthocyanin pigmentation. (In luminatas we’re used to seeing, this would be a white area devoid of anthocyanins.) So — we have the paler edges and paler fall veining of luminatas and a similar beard surround but not in white, so is it or isn’t it a luminata? Nevertheless, it is well worth planting for its ease of growth and long season of bloom, with terminal and three branches, seven to ten buds. $35.00