PANJANDRUM  (Keppel 2018) ML 33” TB ((Naughty Nights sib x Decadence) X Espionage) #10-59A.

Self-important sib to Imperial Guard. Just try to make sense of this one! Standards are lavender banded ecru on the inner side, but the outer, exposed side is a smoky blend of light lavender and ecru. Falls start out as warm brown and rosy violet shoulders with a few whitish lines beside the straw-tipped lavender blue beards. Then there is a lavender wash over the remainder of the fall, heaviest below the beards, showing more silvery lavender ground as you go to the distal end and the encircling golden buff band. Heavy ruffling, light lace. This is another for close-up study. About seven flowers on sturdy stalks. EC, Salem, 2016, HM 2021.  SOLD OUT